About s7orm

Here at s7orm, we provide custom solutions for gaming and business computers and networks. It’s our mission to make your computer as dynamic as you are, and we achieve this by providing expert solutions and educating the client. We refuse to simply focus on generic solutions for your computer problems. Instead we dig deeper and develop custom solutions that directly target the needs of you and your machine. Providing top-of-the-line customer service is something we hang our hats on, but it’s not all we do here at s7orm.

We also take great pride in our ability to design custom computers that please our customers. S7orm custom computers are built to match your specifications. Come to us with what you need and we will provide a cost-efficient, customized computer estimate within 24 hours. If it’s a serious gaming machine you crave or a lightweight and speedy business rig, we can make it happen. We know that no two computers are the same, so when you build yours with us we will supply you with unique gear that complements your machine. Free of charge.

Check our website for more details: http://s7orm.com


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